New Indian-Chinese and modern European/Indian restaurants on South End; Tacolisa rebranding

16 Apr 2014


Two new Indian restaurants have opened on South End. Bombay 7 offers Indian versions of Chinese dishes as well as classic Indian food; it’s at 60 South End, where Blue Waves used to be. Karnavar is at 62a South End (previously Vael-N-Dine), and bases its menu on modern interpretations of European and Indian food, with dishes including pani puri, scallops with cauliflower puree, fennel smoked mackerel, and slow-cooked pork belly.

Other openings are a clothes shop called Bardo at 34a North End, a hair salon called Vicharleii at 101 South End and a chicken shop called Perfect Fried Chicken at 95a South End.


Two closures to report: Tree Lounge at 11–19 Surrey Street, and Gourmet Kitchen at 9 Selsdon Road.

Other news

Tacolisa, previously at 90 High Street, is moving next door to number 92 and rebranding to The Goodness.

Just Beautiful Cupcakes at 111a High Street has closed its High Street shop for walk-in customers; however, the cupcakes are still available from its kiosk in Centrale (near House of Fraser).