Retro CR0, Mbuta Nanga!, Noodle 23, and no more Memory Lane Records

09 Oct 2015


A “vintage boutique” called Retro CR0 has opened at 15 St George’s Walk, specialising in clothes from different countries.

Other openings include Foxtons at 2–4 High Street, Post & Packing at 13 Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, and Uday News at 8 Norfolk House, Wellesley Road; the last of these is a reopening under new management after a year of closure.


Memory Lane Records at 55 Frith Road has closed and been replaced by For Eyes opticians, Croydon Express at 5 Crown Hill has been replaced by Croydon Hair & Beauty, and Miss Selfie at 83 North End has closed and been replaced by another clothes shop called Mbuta Nanga! (exclamation mark theirs).

Mae Ping at 18 South End has also closed, but will be replaced by a Vietnamese restaurant.

Other closures remain vacant at the time of writing: H Purchen at 168 North End, Home Living at 34–36 North End, Top Trendz at 34–36 Church Street, the Age UK charity shop at 46 Church Street, and the Outside In internet cafe at 6 The Arcade, 32–34 High Street.

Coming soon

The ex-Everyday’s at 87–89 High Street is under refurbishment to open as a branch of Rodeos American grill.

Other news

Many reshufflings on St George’s Walk! My PT Studio has moved from number 43 into the larger premises opposite (numbers 40–44) previously occupied by Home Again. Home Again in turn has moved down a bit to numbers 37–39, previously occupied by the Relief Fund For Romania charity shop. Finally, the charity shop has moved into number 33, previously occupied by Sherry Beauty (which seems to have closed down completely).

The Gypsy Tavern at 12a Station Road has been renamed to the Phoenix.

Ideal Beauty at 42 London Road (previously 40–42) has been renamed to Gina. It’s also shrunk to half its size, with number 40 being taken over by Pound Plus Bargain.

Miso Noodle Bar at 103–105 High Street has been renamed to Noodle 23. It is no longer connected to the branch of Miso at 11–12 Suffolk House, George Street.