Future plans for the Completists’ Guide to Croydon

06 Jul 2017

When we launched the Completists’ Guide to Croydon back in August 2012, we planned to keep it running indefinitely — making sure the information stayed up to date, reporting openings and closures, and keeping everything carefully categorised to make it easy to find out where to get your mobile phone repaired, have your nails done, fill a prescription, buy African groceries, or go out for breakfast.

However, since Kake accidentally turned into a local historian, we've found that the work of keeping things up to date is interfering with our other projects, so we’ve decided to wind the site down at the end of 2019.

All the information will still be available, giving a historical record of central Croydon retail during the decade of the 2010s, but there will be no more updates after midnight on 31 December 2019.

We hope you’ve found the site useful over the five years we’ve been running it so far, and that you’ll continue to find it useful over the next year and a half. And please keep letting us know if you find anything here that’s out of date! We won’t stop adding updates until the very last moment.