Plastic-Free July in Croydon

Weigh & Save, 92 Church Street

Posted by Kake on 7 July 2014
Weigh & Save, December 2011. This is an old photo, but it looks much the same today.

When I started planning my attempt at Plastic-Free July, there was one shop I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in — Weigh & Save. Located at 92 Church Street, CR0 1RD (right next to the tram stop), this small shop sells all kinds of dried goods from bulk bins.

I haven’t made a full survey of the stock, but it includes strong bread flour, wholemeal flour, custard powder, bicarb, baking powder, basmati rice, brown rice, savoury rice mix, couscous, pearl barley, red lentils, cornflakes, cashews (plain and salted), peanuts, almonds (whole and ground), hazelnuts, walnuts, Bombay mix, raisins, sultanas, dried apricots, dried papaya, dried pineapple, and various sweets.

Inside Weigh & Save, June 2014.

The staff are always friendly, and they’re happy for you to use your own containers. I’ve bought things from here in tupperware, in plastic takeaway tubs, in plastic produce bags saved from supermarket shops, and in Onya Weigh bags.

Inside Weigh & Save, June 2014.

Weigh & Save is open 8am–7pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am–5pm Sundays and Bank Holidays. Why not pop in and save yourself some money — and some plastic!

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