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Modern European and Indian restaurant on South End, also offering takeaway and delivery. It opened in March or April 2014 on the site previously occupied by Vael-N-Dine photo.

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  • Photos of takeaway menu as of April 2014: 1, 2 (note that we were told this menu and the prices would be changing slightly soon)

It was previously an Indian restaurant called Vael-N-Dine, which was open by July 2012 photo. Photos of Vael-N-Dine takeaway menu as of May 2013: 1, 2. This closed for good some time between October 2013 and March 2014.

As of March 2014 the premises were vacant photo but being renovated photo of sign to reopen as a modern European and Indian restaurant called Karnavar.

Existence last checked in April 2014.

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