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@THUMB [[Easy Mobile, 82 Church Street|]]
@THUMB [[Easy Mobile, 82 Church Street|]]
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Supermarket on Church Street.

According to a photo on Flickr, at some point in the past this was a Sainsbury's. According to another photo on Flickr, as of December 2008 it was the Tramms shopping centre, with number 74 being Skin Shock tattoo studio.

By January 2012, numbers 68 and 72 were a branch of Lidl photo and number 74 was the Croydon Furniture Centre photo. However, the Croydon Furniture Centre closed down some time between April and December 2015 photo of window after closure.

In mid-2016, Lidl closed temporarily for work to extend it into the old Croydon Furniture Centre photo, and was due to reopen on 9 June photo of sign. It was definitely open by 23 June.

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