Wandle Park cafe, a new appliances shop, and a couple of new hairdressers

18 Jul 2014


A new cafe has opened in Wandle Park, with the unsurprising name of Wandle Park Cafe. The mushrooms on toast are pretty good! They also do cream teas, sandwiches, cooked breakfasts, jacket potatoes, and a few hot meals.

The cafe is on the east side of the park, near the Westfield Road entrance. It looks onto the sandpit and part of the children's play area, handy for people who want a sit-down and cup of tea while keeping an eye on their children.

A hairdressers called Hair Star has opened at 35 Church Street, and another called Adom has opened at 177 London Road.

An appliances (white goods) shop called UK Monster Deals has opened at 81 Church Street (where the Army Surplus shop used to be).

Other news

Signage for a convenience store called Croydon Express has appeared at 5 Crown Hill; we're not sure if this is open yet or not, as the shutter was down last time we walked past.

Finally, Home Shop at 11 George Street has changed its name to Gift Shop and joined the increasing Lebara-ification of Croydon; however, little else about it seems to have changed.