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@THUMB [[Mobile Phone Shop, 168 North End|]]
@THUMB [[Mobile Phone Shop, 168 North End|]]

Business premises a couple of doors down from West Croydon Station.

It was previously known as Computer Repairs photo, but in autumn 2014 it changed ownership and was renamed to 071. As of October 2014 the interior was not quite finished, but it was open for computer and laptop repairs at least photo.

Some time between October 2014 and July 2015 the shop was split into two halves, with 071 on the right-hand side and a mobile phone accessories kiosk on the left-hand side. By October 2015 the only part remaining open was the mobile phone kiosk, though according to an A-board outside they still did phone and laptop repairs.

As of early January 2016 a new shopfront is in the process of being fitted, and the mobile phone kiosk has gone.

According to Kent's street directories, in the 1950s the premises were occupied by the Stylo Boot Co. The London Tramways website has a photo of the shopfront around this time.

This used to be called Inter.Net photo. According to a photo on Flickr, as of November 2007 it was called High Speed Access.

Existence last checked in October 2015.

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