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Italian wine bar on [[Locale George Street|George Street]]. It originally opened [ on 30 June 2018] as a franchise of the Veeno chain <small>[ photo]</small>, but became independent and changed its name to Basil &amp; Grape some time between October 2018 and May 2019.
Burger restaurant on [[Locale George Street|George Street]].
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See also:
* [ Photo of the menu as of May 2019]
* [ Photo of the tomato bruschetta in August 2018]

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It was previously occupied by a branch of Wimpy burger restaurant <small>[ photo]</small>, but as of May 2013 this was closed for refurbishment, with notices in the window <small>[ photo]</small> stating that the refurb would take a total of three weeks. In June 2013 a notice <small>[ photo]</small> appeared stating that the landlord had taken possession of the property due to "a breach of covenant by the Tenant", and the windows were covered up with newspaper <small>[ photo]</small>.

It was still vacant as of August 2014, but by February 2015 there was signage for a new "Caribbean and soul food" restaurant called Caribsoul <small>[ photo]</small>. This opened in early April 2015 <small>[ photo]</small> but [ closed down for good] in September 2017 due to the death of one of the co-owners.

See also:
* Photos of Caribsoul menus in April/May 2015: [ breakfast and lunch], [ main menu], [ drinks]
* [ Photo of the Caribsoul menu as of July 2016]
* [ Photo of callaloo with rice and peas at Caribsoul in April 2015]
* [ Croydon Advertiser article on Caribsoul opening]

The premises were vacant as of October 2017, and still vacant as of February 2018. An Italian "wine cafe" called Veeno [ opened on 30 June 2018].

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<span>George Street</span>
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category='Bars,Dinner,Eat-In Food,Italian Food,Lunch,Pizza'
category='Burgers,Eat-In Food,Fast Food Chains,Restaurants,Takeaway Food'
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hours_text='Mon-Sun: noon-11pm (source: member of staff, July 2019)'
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locale='Central Croydon,Croydon,George Street'
locale='Croydon,George Street'
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opening_hours_text='Mon-Sun: noon-11pm (source: member of staff, July 2019)'
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phone='020 8680 2277'
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summary='Italian wine bar on George Street, previously Wimpy, Caribsoul, and Veeno.'
website='' website=''
summary='Burger restaurant on George Street.'
website='' website=''

Burger restaurant on George Street.

Existence last checked in May 2012.

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