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@THUMB [[Beauty Queen Salon/Western Union Money Transfer, 40 Church Street|]]
@THUMB [[Beauty Queen Salon, 40 Church Street|]]

Beauty shop on Church Street.

According to a photo on Flickr, as of c. 1985 the site was occupied by a shop called Art Wallpapers (most easily visible at large size).

By July 2012 it was a jewellery and fashion accessories shop called Top Trendz photo, but closing-down notices appeared in the windows of this in May 2015 photo, and by August 2015 it was vacant and stripped out photo taken through window.

Some time between August and December 2015, a beauty shop called Shaba Hair & Cosmetics photo opened. By July 2016 this had changed name to Beauty Shop London.

Existence last checked in June 2018.

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