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Turkish/Greek/Polish supermarket on London Road.

As of December 2011 the frontage advertises "butchery & bakery" and "Turkish, Greek, English, Polish products".

There's a reasonably-sized vegetable section at the front, and a bakery at the back with a few types of Turkish bread, a few types of borek (e.g. spinach and cheese; potato and tomato) and also some sweets.

There are freezers with things like lahmacun and pide. They have a small olive bar with fresh olives sold by weight, and there's also a small butchery counter. They also sell alcohol. The Polish section has things like jars of lard with meat (sandwich lard).

Also: pomegranate molasses, rosewater, soft drinks like sour cherry nectar.

They also have a varied selection of dried fruits (e.g. mulberries, sultanas, apricots, several types of raisin), nuts and roasted grains (e.g. chilli cashews, roasted corn).

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Existence last checked in March 2017.

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