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@THUMB [[264 London Road|]
@THUMB [[Sanao Hair And Beauty Salon, 262 London Road|]]
@THUMB [[Abarna Beauty World (CLOSED), 270 London Road|]]
@THUMB [[Abarna Silks, 268 London Road|]]
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Cake shop and cafe on London Road. It has seating inside, and does hot drinks as well as cakes, but no savoury food.

It was previously an opticians called Broadgreen Eye Centre photo, this property was damaged in the August 2011 riots.

As of May 2012 it was still closed with a sign photo on the frontage stating: "The shop has been damaged due to the rioting. We are closed until further notice." As of May 2013 the sign has vanished but the property remains vacant and shuttered.

As of November 2013, Liz Sheppard-Jones reported that it was due to become a Londis. By January 2014 this had opened as Broadgreen Londis photo.

Some time between July and December 2015, Broadgreen Londis became Limra Convenience Store, incorporating a cake shop called Cake Walk photo. However, a business card collected in the same month actually used the name of "Cake Park" instead. Some time between then and early April 2016, the name on the front changed to "Cake Zone" and the name on the canopy changed from "Londis Food" to "Baraka Convenient Store" photo.

By September 2017 the convenience store aspect (and cashpoint) had been removed and there were cafe tables inside instead. As of both September 2017 and July 2018 it only did hot drinks and cakes, no savoury food, but at some point during its existence it offered sandwiches, pasta, and salads under the name of Sandwich Zone photo of flyer.

Existence last checked in December 2019.

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