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@THIS_THUMB [[Mbuta Nanga!, 83 North End|]]
@THIS_THUMB [[Miss Selfie (CLOSED), 83 North End|]]
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Business premises on North End, previously a clothes shop called Miss Selfie photo. Vacant as of September 2015.

According to a photo on Flickr, at some point in the past the premises were occupied by a handbag shop called Lindy Lou.

By May 2012 it was a shoe shop called Unze By Shalimar Shoes photo, but this closed some time in October or early November 2013 photo. By mid-November the interior was stripped out photo and by late March 2014 it was boarded up photo. It was still vacant as of April 2014.

A new clothes shop opened in July 2014, initially with no name on the frontage photo but the owner told us he was thinking of calling it "Miss Selfie". By August of the year it had a proper sign up photo. It closed down again some time between July and September 2015.

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