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Vegetarian cafe on the High Street. It opened some time between February and April 2018. According to the staff as of December 2018, all of the food is vegan but they stock dairy milk (as well as plant milks) for hot drinks.

At the back of the cafe is a members-only co-working space called Nexus.

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It was vacant and advertised to let as of July 2012 photo. As of July 2013, it was still vacant, but with a sign up stating that Yo Yo Noodle would be opening there soon photo.

Yo Yo Noodle, part of a small chain, was open by early October 2013 photo, part of a small chain. It did takeaway and also had an eat-in area. It was still open by December 2014, but as of mid-2015 we hadn't seen it open for a while, and the same applied as of December 2015 and February 2016.

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The premises were still vacant as of April 2017 and October 2017. By February 2018, signage had appeared for a new business called Coffee Shotter photo.

Existence last checked in December 2018.

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