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<div class="last_verified">Existence last checked in March 2018.</div>
<div class="last_verified">Existence last checked in January 2018.</div>

Vape shop at the Crown Hill end of Church Street. It opened in January 2018. The company has another branch at Unit 158 in the Whitgift Centre.

According to a photo on Flickr, as of December 1990 the premises were occupied by a clothes shop called CJ's.

The premises were later occupied by Möben/Sharps/Dolphin (Homeform Group), which then went into administration and closed its Croydon showroom in June 2011.

A hairdressers called Marco Aldany photo some time in August or September 2012, and rebranded to Millimetre (Mm) in October 2014 photo. This then closed down some time between March and October 2017 photo of notice.

Existence last checked in January 2018.

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