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Fast food place on North End near West Croydon Station. It mainly does takeaway, but also has some seating for eat-in. As of April 2016 it does home delivery after 5pm.

Its name is not entirely clear. It initially opened as Everyday's, but was taken over by new management around 2016 and (according to a member of staff) renamed to GFC. However, they never changed the sign on the facade, which as of December 2019 still read "Everyday's".

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It was previously a branch of Subway photo, but this closed some time between November 2014 and April 2015.

As of late April 2015 it was under refurbishment to open as a branch of Everyday's, a casual restaurant which also had a presence at 87-89 High Street (though the latter closed shortly after this one opened). This opened in June or July 2015.

By April 2016 it had been taken over by new management and renamed to GFC, though the name "Everyday's" on the facade persisted until at least December 2019.

Existence last checked in December 2019.

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