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Solicitors on the corner of London Road and Kidderminster Road.

According to a sign in the window as of May 2013 photo, they specialise in "criminal defence, 24 hr police station representation, magistrates & Crown Court advocacy, Youth Court advocacy, prison law, advice on appeals, action against police & prison service, housing appeals, mental health, family".

Until the end of May 2012, this was occupied by the West Croydon offices of the Croydon branch of Age UK photo, but the staff and services previously based at these offices moved to new premises in Thornton Heath on 29 May 2012. Age UK still have an office in Croydon, at Age UK, 15 High Street.

As of July 2012, the premises were vacant but under offer. G T Stewart moved in some time between then and May 2013.

Existence last checked in May 2013.

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