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@THUMB [[Akwaba Cheri's, 38 London Road|]]
@THUMB [[Akwaba Cheri's, 38 London Road|]]
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Hair and beauty shop on London Road. It sells wigs, hair accessories including hairbands and hairbrushes, and other such things.

It was previously known as Ideal Beauty and occupied number 40 as well as 42 photo. However, around July/August 2015 it got a new shopfront as part of the Connected Croydon program, and changed its name to Gina. Shortly after this it was split into two shops, with Gina remaining at number 42 photo and number 40 becoming Pound Plus Bargain photo. However, by October 2016 the latter had signs up advertising a closing-down sale photo, and by the end of the month it had closed completely photo. By January 2017 the dividing wall between 40 and 42 had been removed, and Gina was once again operating from both premises.

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