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Business premises on St George's Walk, vacant as of October 2018.

It was previously an art gallery and modern designer homewares shop called Hyper Hyper, but this closed down in August or September 2018.

The premises were occupied by a Filipino supermarket called SM Pinoy photo by around 2011.

This underwent a change of ownership in mid-2013 and was renamed to Eurasia photo.

Stock as of July 2012 included various snack foods (e.g. crispy fried squid, roasted corn), interesting frozen items (e.g. pig's blood, beef lungs, taro, grated cassava), canned goods (e.g. banana blossoms in coconut milk), tapioca pearls, salted duck eggs (sold individually at the counter), and several types of dried noodles.

As of October 2013 (after the change of management) the stock all looked pretty similar (though with the addition of various items of clothing).

Eurasia closed down some time between October 2013 and March 2014 photo, with a bailiff's notice dated 27 February 2014 photo appearing in the window.

The premises were vacant as of March 2014, and still vacant as of July 2014.

As of July 2015 there was new stock inside photo 1, photo 2 and a sign in the window photo indicating that it would be opening soon as a shop called Hyper Hyper. This was open by early November 2015. It sold original art, gift items, and modern homewares, and as of November 2015 primarily stocked Lexon products.

As of June 2018 Hyper Hyper was in the process of closing down. As of August 2018, it was still open for now but according to a member of staff it was due to close for good in September.

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