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@THUMB [[Basil And Grape, 46 George Street|]]
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@THIS_THUMB [[Kokoro, 42 George Street|]]
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@THUMB [[Skipton Building Society, 40 George Street|]]
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Sushi place on George Street, part of a small chain. It opened in early 2016.

Much of its business is takeaway, but it also has interior seating for 20 or so.

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It was previously a hairdressers called Ice Hair Designers photo, which closed some time between February and August 2012; a sign in the window photo stated that all the stylists had moved across the road to Rush Hair.

As of August 2012 it was vacant, with signage indicating that a Mexican fast food place called Mexway would be opening there soon photo. Mexway photo opened in November 2012 but closed again at the end of January 2015 photo of sign. It was still vacant as of early January 2016.

A sushi place called Kokoro was open there by early April 2016.

Existence last checked in June 2018.

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