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Business premises on the [[Locale High Street|High Street]], vacant as of December 2019.
Clothes shop on the [[Locale High Street|High Street]]. It opened in July or August 2017.
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It was previously a clothes shop called LN Creations, which opened in July or August 2017, but this closed down by December 2019. The last time we definitely saw it open was in June 2018.

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<div class="last_verified">Existence last checked in June 2018.</div>

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phone='020 8760 9993'
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summary='Vacant business premises on the High Street, previously Blue Mountain Cafe, Just Beautiful Cupcakes, A To Z Office Centre, and LN Creations.'
website='' website=''
summary='Clothes shop on the High Street, previously Blue Mountain Cafe, Just Beautiful Cupcakes, and A To Z Office Centre.'
website='' website=''

Clothes shop on the High Street. It opened in July or August 2017.

The premises were previously occupied by a stationery and office supplies shop called A To Z Office Centre photo (whose other branch remains open on George Street).

As of November 2012 it was advertised to let and under offer, but as far as we know it continued trading as a stationery shop during this, until at least February 2013.

In January 2013, a company called Just Beautiful Cupcakes was granted planning permission to use the premises as a bakery and coffee shop. This opened on 18 May 2013 photo.

At some point between October 2013 and April 2014 a sign appeared in the window photo stating that "cupcakes cannot be purchased from this store" and redirecting people to their kiosks in Centrale and at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth. According to this sign, the High Street premises would remain open for placing orders, collection of pre-booked orders, enquiries, pre-booked cupcake parties, and cupcake decorating clubs (half-term breaks only).

However, as of August 2014 the front window was boarded up and the door was papered over photo, suggesting that Just Beautiful Cupcakes had vacated the building.

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In September 2014 it reopened as Blue Mountain Cafe photo, part of a small chain with other branches in East Dulwich, Sydenham, and other places in South London. According to a sign in the window as of November 2014 photo, council staff got a 10% discount. However, Blue Mountain Cafe closed again some time between April and July 2015.

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The premises were vacant as of July 2015, December 2015, September 2016, March 2017. Still vacant as of June 2017, but there seemed to be shopfitting work going on inside. Still vacant as of July 2017, but there was definitely shopfitting work going on inside.

A clothes shop called LN Creations opened in July or August 2017.

Existence last checked in June 2018.

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