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@THUMB [[Age UK (MOVED), 15 High Street|]]
@THUMB [[Age UK, 15 High Street|]]

Business premises on the High Street, vacant as of July 2015. Still vacant as of mid-May 2016.

Previously One 92 One bar (this was on the frontage as of July 2008, according to Google Street View, though it wasn't obviously still open).

Until late 2012, the ground and first floors were occupied by Banana Joe's Bar and the basement by the Roxbury (according to planning application 13/01319/P, these two were connected internally). However as of December 2012 there was a notice on the door photo stating that the premises had been repossessed by bailiffs.

As of August 2013 there was a notice up outside photo stating that a licence application has been made for sale of alcohol, live music, recorded music, dancing, DJ, and karaoke at this address under the name "Pals". However, nothing ever came of this.

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