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* [ Photo of the large adana kebab in May 2013]
* [ Photo of the large adana kebab in May 2013]
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* [ Photo of the ribs in October 2014]
* [ Photo of the lamb chops in October 2014]
* [ Photo of the tea in October 2014]
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Turkish ocakbasi restaurant on London Road. It's fairly small, seating only around 30 people if that.

The menu includes stews, kebabs, pide, and lahmacun, and the restaurant is fully licensed.

The stews are prepared in advance and displayed in a hot counter at the front of the shop. The kebabs are freshly prepared on an open charcoal grill a little further back.

On a Saturday evening visit in January 2013, they told us the pide (a sort of Turkish-style pizza) is only available until 6pm.

Accessibility: A step to get in, and the corridor leading past the front counter to the seating and the back is a bit narrow. Another step to some of the seating. The regular toilets are down a flight of stairs in the basement, but there may be another one on the ground floor.

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Mazi closed briefly for refurbishment between 10 June and 14 July 2013. See photo of sign about refurb and interior photo before refurb (and interior photo after refurb).

Existence last checked in May 2014.

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