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@THUMB [[Peri Pizza, 202 London Road|]]
@THUMB [[Peri Pizza, 202 London Road|]]
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Business premises on London Road, vacant as of June 2018.

By January 2012 it was Vismaya Supermarket photo, with a frontage advertising "Asian, African, English foods".

Around the end of 2013/start of 2014 it was taken over by the owner of Ellalan Supermarket a few doors down, and renamed to Ellalan Convenience Store photo. In this incarnation it sold storecupboard products, loo roll, cleaning products, etc. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, though there were a few South Indian products (parathas, vadai) in one of the freezers. The off licence selection included a few relatively interesting bottled real ales. Also sold sweets and soft drinks.

See also a photo from December 2013, during the middle of the Ellalan takeover.

Ellalan Convenience Store closed down some time between December 2015 and June 2018, though the larger premises at 234-236 remained open.

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