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[ According to a photo on Flickr], as of c.&nbsp;1989 the premises were occupied by a hairdressers (or possibly a hairdressing school) called Robert Fielding of Regent Street.

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<span>London Road/North End</span>
@THUMB [[Croydon Mobile Centre, 168 North End|]]
@THUMB [[Maplin (CLOSED), 166 North End|]]
@THIS_THUMB [[Paddy Power, 142 North End|]]
@THUMB [[Bright House, 138-140 North End|]]
@THUMB [[Everyday's/GFC, 136 North End|]]

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<span>Station Road</span>
@THUMB [[MH Communication, 6 Station Road|]]
@THUMB [[By The Grace Salon, 6 Station Road|]]]
@THIS_THUMB [[Paddy Power, 142 North End|]]
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locale='Central Croydon,Croydon,North End,Station Road,West Croydon'
locale='Croydon,North End,Station Road'

Betting shop on the corner of North End and Station Road, near West Croydon Station.

Existence last checked in December 2011.

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