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@THUMB [[Home Sweet Home, 10-12 Station Road|]]
@THUMB [[Home Sweet Home, 10-12 Station Road|]]

Small pub on Station Road, near West Croydon Station.

It was previously called the Gypsy Tavern photo, but in mid-August 2015 a new sign went up for The Phoenix. Not sure if there was also a change of management.

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According to a photo on the London Tramways website, at some point in the 20th century this address (and number 14 next door) was occupied by Mortimer's Fruit Stores. According to another photo on the same website, at another point these two addresses were occupied by Bowditch & Grant (a firm that provided services related to estate agency).

According to a photo on Flickr, it's been the Gipsy Tavern since at least c. 1985, at which point the frontage proclaimed it to be a "restaurant & wine bar". See also a photo of it in 1989.

It was still the Gipsy Tavern as of May 2012 photo, but this changed some time in mid-2014, as a new frontage with the spelling "Gypsy Tavern" was installed photo. In mid-August 2015 this was replaced with a sign for The Phoenix.

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