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@THUMB [[Anytime Fitness, The Exchange, 4-6 Scarbrook Road|]]
@THUMB [[Market Tavern, 1-4 Surrey Street|]]
@THIS_THUMB [[Sam 99p, 5-7 Surrey Street|]]
@THUMB [[Sting ABC (MOVED), 5-7 Surrey Street|]]
@THUMB [[5-9 Surrey Street|]]
@THUMB [[Green Dragon, 60 High Street|]]
@THUMB [[Goose On The Market, 1-4 Surrey Street|]]
@THIS_THUMB [[Sam 99p, 5-7 Surrey Street|]]
@THUMB [[Shoe World, 5-7 Surrey Street|]]
@THUMB [[Relief Creche Care, 5-9 Surrey Street|]]
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locale='Central Croydon,Croydon,Surrey Street'
locale='Croydon,Surrey Street'
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Pound shop on Surrey Street. It opened some time around late December 2012/early January 2013.

It was previously a butcher's called Terry's Meat Market photo of flyer, and before that it was Murray's Meat Market.

As of November 2012, it was being refitted, with a sign up saying it would become a branch of Sams 99p pound shop. As of mid-December 2012 there was already some stock inside, including Christmas cards, so it looked like they intended to open before Christmas; we're not sure if they actually did, though.

Existence last checked in October 2013.

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