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@THUMB [[Alexzo, 175 London Road|]]
@THUMB [[Alexzo, 175 London Road|]]
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Hairdressers on London Road. As of July 2018 it has no obvious name on the frontage; the signage (pictured) is from an earlier occupant.

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By March 2012 it was an electrical goods and electronics shop called Al-Waqt Electrical Ltd photo, with a frontage advertising "electronics, computers, mobiles, watches & accessories" as well as mobile phone unlocking and Western Union money transfer. This changed its name to Broadway 4 photo some time between December 2013 and April 2014, and closed down some time between March and September 2017 photo.

It was vacant as of September 2017. Still vacant as of November 2017, but signage had appeared for a clothes shop called Divine Boutique photo. However, by June 2018 this signage had vanished again (we never actually saw Divine Boutique open) and there seemed to be shopfitting work going on inside. By July 2018 it was operating as a hairdresser photo of board outside, though the old Broadway 4 signage was still up photo.

Existence last checked in July 2018.

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