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@THUMB [[Lloyds Bank, 95 George Street|]]
@THUMB [[Lloyds TSB, 95 George Street|]]

Takeaway sandwich shop on Dingwall Road near East Croydon Station. It opened in early 2014.

It specialises in wraps, with bread choices such as paratha or tortilla, and filling choices such as desi omelette or lamb kofta. According to a sign on the frontage, the food is halal.

There's no internal seating, but in good weather there are chairs and tables outside on the pavement.

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It was previously an internet cafe called Cyberzone, which closed in 2009.

We aren't sure if there was anything there immediately after Cyberzone, but it was vacant as of May 2012 photo], and remained so until Zabardast opened in early 2014.

Existence last checked in January 2015.

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