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Cafe and coffee shop on North End. It opened on 27 March 2013.

According to a photo on Flickr, as of c. 1981 the premises were occupied by a clothes shop called Coles. According to another photo on Flickr, by c. 1985 this had been replaced by a shoe shop called Top Men (see also a photo from December 1990).

The occupant as of December 2011 was a shoe shop called Sole Trader (or possibly Soletrader or Sole|Trader) photo. This had closed by May 2012, with the premises boarded up photo and advertised to let. (In November 2012, Sole Trader opened another branch a little further along the street at number 72.)

Numbers 129-131 remained vacant for some time, but in October 2012, Costa Coffee were granted a planning application for a change of use "from A1 (retail) to a mixed use (A1/A3) coffee shop". Shopfitting work started in March 2013 photo, and posters in the window photo confirmed that it would be a branch of Costa.

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