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Fishmonger on Surrey Street. It opened in late February or early March 2015.

This is the second branch of Fresh Fish of Croydon and Surrey at 25 Church Street. It was previously called Sea Food Supermarket and located at 62 High Street.

Numbers 20 and 21 were previously occupied as a double unit by a Bangladeshi and Indian restaurant called Spice Express photo. As of February 2013 there was a repossession notice in the window photo and the premises were vacant.

As of October 2013 it was still vacant, with an estate agents (Warren Anthony) sign stating that the freehold was for sale. Still vacant as of July 2014. Still vacant as of November 2014.

By February 2015 it had been split back into two single units, and number 21 was due to open as Croydon Quality Fish, previously Sea Food Supermarket at 62 High Street.

Existence last checked in May 2019.

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