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* [ Photo of the vegetarian rice in August 2012]
* [ Photo of the prawn chilli men in April 2016]

* [ Photo of the vegetarian rice dish] (August 2012)
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Noodle bar on George Street near East Croydon Station.

They also do takeaway, and according to a sign in the window as of July 2012, they will deliver. The menu is focused around rice and noodle dishes, with a couple of vegetarian options. They are licenced to serve alcohol, and sell beer by the bottle and wine by the glass or bottle. In good weather, they have some tables outside on the pavement.

Accessibility: Small step to get in (around kerb-height). Step-free once you're in, including to the toilets. Tables and benches are fixed to the floor.

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Existence last checked in January 2016.

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