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@THUMB [[91-101 High Street|]]
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Business premises on the High Street, vacant as of December 2019.

As of August 2019 there were beauty products inside photo 1, photo 2 suggesting that it had reopened or soon would reopen as a beauty shop, but there was no sign on the frontage. The situation remained the same as of mid-September, and the door was locked every time we walked past and tried it. According to staff at Crushed Bean across the street, the beauty shop was only open for a very brief period before giving up, but the tenants were keeping the stock inside even after its closure so it didn't look abandoned.

It was previously a branch of Townends estate agents photo, but as of January 2019 it was stripped out inside and there was a notice in the window photo stating that the branch was moving to 3 George Street. The premises were vacant as of January 2019 and still vacant as of May 2019.

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