Coffee shops, art galleries, molecular cocktails, and health food

29 Jun 2015


Artists’ collective Turf Projects has a new home at Units 39-40 in Centrale. The space will host exhibitions and events.

Two new coffee shops have opened! Crushed Bean is at 81 High Street, and as well as coffee has a short but well-chosen tea menu. It serves sandwiches and cakes too. Gelattiamo is at 187 London Road, and has a good selection of ice cream and cakes.

Playground cocktail bar has opened at 63 South End, offering molecular cocktails, coffee, and brunch.

A new photographic studio called Photo Craft has opened at 94 High Street.


The Tamworth Arms at 62 Tamworth Road has closed amid reports of nefarious dealings.

Caribbean Cafe at 78c Frith Road has closed too, though as far as we know there were no nefarious dealings in this case!

The branch of The Money Shop at 63 North End has also closed, decreasing central Croydon’s payday loan shops by a small fraction.

Coming soon

A new branch of Holland & Barrett is due to open tomorrow (Tuesday 30 June 2015) at 53–55 North End. (According to a member of staff, this is in addition to, rather than a replacement for, their other branch at Units 1098–1099, Whitgift Centre Upper Level.)

Other news

Amaí at Unit 1015, Whitgift Centre Upper Level has moved to Regent Parade, Brighton Road, Sutton, SM2 5BQ.

Finally, the Croydon Advertiser reports that Dice Bar & Club at 36 High Street has been closed by the police. It isn't yet clear whether this will be a temporary or permanent closure.