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Beauty salon on George Street near East Croydon Station. It opened some time between June and August 2017 as a new branch of an already-established business at 1021-1022 Whitgift Centre.

By July 2012 it was a "rolled sandwiches" and pizza shop called Doughmasters photo, which advertised its sandwiches as all being made with freshly baked flatbread. They did takeaway and eat-in, with seating for 22 people at tables for 2-6 people. Plates and cups were disposable, even for eat-in, and there was a bin for you to clear your own table. Doughmasters closed down in June 2016 photo of notice.

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It was vacant as of July 2016 photo, still vacant as of September 2016, and still vacant as of January 2017.

It was still vacant as of June 2017 photo, but with a sign in the window stating that it would be opening soon as Angel Beauty Parlour, which already had other premises in the Whitgift Centre.

Existence last checked in October 2018.

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